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Ditto analyze the document usage within your organization from small, medium, to large in order to set up a document management workflow that answers to every customers’ demands. We connect and fulfill the work of your every department to reach their highest efficiency through our document management software solutions.

Cost Management Software

Suitable for both office and copy shop. Enabled you to control printers usage and set the price on each printouts. Convenient for controlling budget together with usage reports allow you to easily monitor the cost and income.

  • Use with student cards or other ID cards (Card authentication)
  • Active Directory or LDAP server
  • Choose to collect your print out at any printers within the same LAN connection.
  • Easily set up the price of each type of print out and support money top up.
  • Daily or monthly report
  • Automatic sender allows close printer monitor.
  • Support iOS and Andriod, Web-base via browser
  • Anywhere Print
  • Support NFC and Mobile Print
  • Reduce unclaimed waste
  • Easy monitoring
  • Reports for budget control
Document Management Software

Document management software makes it easy to store and search. Web-based enabled. Allows you to work via your mobile phone with various functions that will let you enjoy working from anywhere.

  • Support electronic documents (digital files)
  • Search from file name, folder name with indexing
  • Permission for file level/folder level
  • Support Active Directory and OpenLDAP
  • Support memorandum and authorize document for both public and private sectors
  • Support ISO document management
  • e-book enabled
  • Auto naming and auto indexing
  • Data encryption
  • Event Log
  • Web-based
Document Scan and Capture Solutions

With OCR (Optical Character Recognition), scanning documents is easier than ever, time saving, and smart working.

  • Auto naming
  • Auto indexing
  • OCR Barcode for both 1D and 2D
  • whole page OCR
  • Form recognition
  • File export
  • SharePoint DMS, Share Folder FTP
Devices Monitor Software

Devices monitor software uses to monitor usage status of copiers and printers. Reports by month or by required period.

  • Devices status Audit
  • Alert for paper jam or low toner
  • Meter Audit
  • Permission level
  • Devices usage report at the time of your choice
  • Green Report